Crop Remote Sensing


Maintaining proper plant health and nutritional status is essential when growing various crops. Failing to timely identify and address the causes of poor plant health directly leads to lower crop yields and thus significant financial damage - it has been estimated that improper crop management can lead to an over 50% loss in expected yields.

Identifying plant stress causes - be they lack of specific micro or macro nutrients, early onset of diseases, pest infestations or various environmental causes - is crucial in order to take adequate preventive actions. However, traditional approaches to plant monitoring are difficult, costly and time-consuming, especially for large amounts of crops that grow in vast fields.


Here at ART21 we are developing innovative solutions for remote crop monitoring that combine spectral imaging technologies, aerial systems, and Artificial Intelligence data analysis techniques to ensure early detection of crop plants stress, estimate lack of micro and macro nutritional elements and identify plant diseases at an early stage.

Our main objective is to enable farmers to accurately calculate the required fertilizers, herbicides and other agrochemical products needed, define specific zones for their application and use this data in practice in combination with precision farming machinery. Through our remote crop sensing solution farmers will be able to make significant financial savings and make additional gains from increased productivity and reduced environmental impacts.


Working with large amounts of plant multi & hyper spectral data
Aerial Vehicles
Using drones and planes for non-invasive & remote crop field spectral data capture
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Integration with various GIS data sources for analysis result improvements
Artificial Intelligence techniques
Machine learning, neural networking and custom-made data analysis algorithms
Internet of Things (IoT) technologies
Integration with data from in-field IoT systems

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