Internet of Food & Farm 2020


The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionary potential. A smart web of sensors, actuators, cameras, robots, drones and other connected devices allows for an unprecedented level of control and automated decision-making. The project Internet of Food & Farm 2020 (IoF2020) explores the potential of IoT-technologies for the European food and farming industry.

The goal is ambitious: to make precision farming a reality and to take a vital step towards a more sustainable food value chain. With the help of IoT technologies higher yields and better quality produce are within reach. Pesticide and fertilizer use will drop and overall efficiency is optimized. IoT technologies also enable better traceability of food, leading to increased food safety.

The aim of IoF2020 is to build a lasting innovation ecosystem that fosters the uptake of IoT technologies. For this purpose key stakeholders along the food value chain are involved in IoF2020 together with technology service providers, software companies and academic research institutions.

Thirty three use-cases organised around five sectors (arable, dairy, fruits, meat and vegetables) develop, test and demonstrate IoT technologies in an operational farm environment all over Europe. The IoT solutions are being developed following technical, business and ethical considerations, and aim at reaching commercial stage at the end of the project, making IoF2020 a real game changer initiative.

Key facts

Exemplary EU-scale project for smart and sustainable digital agriculture
Project part of the EU Horizon 2020 Industrial Leadership programme
A vast European consortium of 100+ partners from 22 countries
Supported by the European Commission with a budget of €30 million
Coordinated by the world-renown Wageningen University & Research (WUR)


ART21 is participating in the IoF2020 project and is demonstrating its crop field hyperspectral data analysis technology in the Use Case 1.9. 'Within-field management zoning Baltics'.

The technology showcased is at working prototype stage with demonstrated functionality for winter wheat field analysis in a relevant (non-test crop field) environment. Additionally, during IoF2020 trials the solution is being calibrated for potato field analysis.

The service being developed is a SaaS platform for analysis of crop field hyperspectral image data, captured by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The data analysis is able to identify plant stress and lack of major micro and macro nutritional elements in plants – Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Iron.

During the IoF2020 trials the solution is being tested and demonstrated in operational environments. These trials will provide proof for potential investors and partners on the technological viability of the service, information for further service development needs and introduce new functionalities (potato field analysis). The trials are also expected to contribute to business development planning – gaining better international market awareness, experience sharing with other project participants, evaluate the feasibility of the commercialization plan, further detail the business model and value proposition for farmers.

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