All of us yearn for peace of mind, spectacular views, and a breath of fresh air that is clean and crisp. But what is the right place to go for getting it? Forest. It is the answer we all agree on. There are so many beautiful things that nature provides for us, and perhaps now is the time for us to generously help it as well.

The risks of fires are very high in forest areas because they have a vast territory that is difficult to monitor. Keeping track of flora and fauna is also not a simple task. While these scenarios can be challenging, drones can play an important role.

How does it work?

Utilizing state-of-the-art UAV and AI solutions, we can support our monitoring of forestry and biodiversity in three ways:

  • Tree health monitoring can be possible with the usage of satellite imagery. It will be available to dictate specific critical areas to be inspected by drones.
  • Fire risk prevention will be targeted by utilising meteorological data and drone image analysis to detect the presence of materials that can spark wildfires and identify high-risk areas.
  • Finally, drone-mounted thermal cameras will be used to count and analyze the behaviour of migrating wild boars infected with African swine fever, in order to prevent mixing with the local boar population and disease expansion.

Why is this needed?

The detection of forest tree diseases is an uphill battle. The same is true for vast areas of forest with a variety of flora and fauna. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to prevent infectious diseases from spreading and to prevent and suppress wildlife. Through drones, we can increase fire prevention efficiency by up to 20%, as well as improve forest tree health, biodiversity, and wildlife monitoring by 30%.

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