ART21 is offering advanced technological solutions for modern day agriculture and food industries.

Our software solutions under the AgroSmart product family are developed in order to help clients automate, optimize and improve their processes, thus unlocking opportunities for further business potential expansion.


Agrosmart Farms

AgroSmart Farms is an advanced crop farm process management software, enabling the farmer to efficiently plan and manage processes while increasing farm efficiency.

  • Simulate your future farm vision and help make investment decisions;
  • Improve farm economic efficiency by increasing productivity and reducing costs;
  • Control farm operational information in one place easily quick;
  • Provide reports to state bodies, declare your crop fields, exchange data with the private agricultural sector participants according to previous agreements.


Farm map

All essential map layers (productivity points, soil type, protected areas, buffer zones, etc.) assembled in a single map module.


Module for registering each year’s yields

Agrochemical plans

Allows creating plans for sowing, fertilizing and spraying.


Shows contracted and available yield, calculates farm balance

Work schedule

Allows monitoring the performance of work


Module for the accounting of greenhouse production.

Agrosmart Silos

AgroSmart Silos is the quantity and quality management system for raw materials designed to integrate all the processes in agrocultural storage and trading business. AgroSmart system enables customers to significantly increase the productivity, the possibility to carry out operations more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently.

AgroSmart Silos is suitable for both large corporate groups that want to have a centralized business management, as well as smaller companies.


Maximum automatic acceptance, laboratory, storage and unloading processes;

Easy and quick calculation of the services provided;

Integration with scales, Infratec (laboratory) equipment, which makes the process of cargo acceptance more efficient.


Automated generation and management of documents for product prices and personnel;

Plannging of agrochemical product logistics and unloading according to pre-established plan.

Benefits and

Grain quantity

Easy and fast grain reception and unloading. You will always see the real balance.

Grain quality

Fast laboratory data entry, grain quality settings adapted to grain type.

Contract performance

Shows your contracts and allows to manage your liabilities.

Bol generation

Allows to easily and quickly generate all Bills of Lading.

Data monitoring

Notifies in real time if any grain quantity and quality changes are made.

Hyperspectral imaging solutions for agriculture

Crop monitoring for nutrients, water-stress, disease, insect attack and overall plant health is a vital aspect of successful agricultural operations. Traditionally this has been carried out by visual examination of crops on the ground or sometimes from the air. Some of the benefits of hyperspectral and multispectral imaging are that these technologies are: low cost, consistent results, simple to use, allow for rapid assessments, non-destructive and highly accurate.

Our solution based on UAVs and hyperspectral imagers allows faster and earlier determination of how much and what elements are lacking in plants.

Key benefits

Not only the determination of the symptoms of a common plant stress, but also the exact identification of the cause.

Spatial data (the results are presented in map layers)

New data processing algorithms

Precission of hyperspectral field data analysis system

  • Nitrogen: 83%
  • Phosphorus: 91%
  • Potassium: 89%
  • Sulfur: 86%
  • Manganese: 89%
  • Copper: 88%
  • Zinc: 92%
  • Iron: 92%

All the results are displayed on a map that user can interact with: change visible layers, merge data, analyse raw spectra, etc.


Consultancy services

We are inviting Lithuanian farmers, young farmers and other landowners to reach out for gaining consultancy services, according to the KPP instrument 'Consulting services, farm management and farmer relief services' activity area 'Support to use consultancy services'.

Please contact via email linas@art21.lt or phone +370 630 78989 and +370 620 80238

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