Sustainable Precision Farming


Most of the times, farms use the machinery of several manufacturers and accordingly the different data processing systems that come with it.

Since onboard computer operating systems and the data formats they can store are incompatible with each other, farmers often encounter a fundamental problem - even though they have modern solutions implemented in their agricultural machinery, there are no convenient possibilities to collect, aggregate and analyze data in a complex and efficient way.

Because of the incompatibility of the data systems, the real potential of smart farming solutions is wasted.


Our sustainable precision farming solutions and tools are based on the idea of developing an efficient and flexible agricultural data storage, structuring and analysis environment that will convert the files of different operating systems into one unified data format.

As a result, it will enable farmers to carry out efficient agrochemical use (calculation, planning and application), as well as various types of analysis activities (overlays, mathematical operations, spatial analysis, visualization, etc.) and therefore use the full potential of their existing and future farming machinery.


Big Data
Aggregating and integrating various information resources
Data integration tools
For uploading and applying insights into precision farming machinery
Recommendation systems
Proving recommendations for fertilization and agrochemical use

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