It's possible for each of us to be an adviser to someone, making a difference in their life. Perfect for your troubled friend or family member who is making the wrong decisions. No matter what they're doing or who they are, we can see the problem and have a solution that will keep their problem from happening. Right?

Every day we get the opportunity to give a kind word of encouragement. Specifically, we can offer innovative advisory services to 4000 farmers through this project.

About the project

The project will enable further deployment of digital agriculture technologies as key enablers for enhancing sustainability performance and competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

Costs, benefits, sustainability gains will be assessed and demonstrated via 30 Test Cases under commercial conditions. Farms already using digital technologies will be compared to farms that are not.

It will be started with a robust behavioural analysis—to understand all the factors which affect farmers’ choices while exploring, selecting and implementing digital agriculture technologies. The methodology is built on learning directly from farmers in their own environments. Insights from the behavioural analysis—translated into a concrete view of key determinants of adoption and perception of technologies—will inform the QuantiFarm Toolkit that will ultimately support farmers’ decision making through tools like a criteria-based interactive recommender tool and a set of costs and benefits calculators.

Why is this needed?

Despite the many predicted benefits of the use of data and digital technologies in agriculture, actual uptake and use by farmers in the EU has been slow and limited for a number of reasons. These include a lack of knowledge about such tools, insufficient clear and “hard” data on the costs and benefits of data and digital technologies, their impact on sustainability when used under real life conditions, as well as impediments that can be defined as “softer” or social factors such as farmers’ cultural and behavioural attitudes.

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