Grain quality control for warehouses


If you leave a bag of ice cubes on your kitchen table instead of putting it into the freezer, the ice will melt and you will not have an ice-cold glass of coke after lunch. If the most beautiful bouquet of flowers is not put into the vase with water for some time, the beauty will be gone in a couple of hours.

These simple examples of daily situations prove one very important thing - storing is no less important than growing or producing. When it comes to agriculture, crop products are not an exception. This is where our innovative grain and feed quality control system comes in handy.

How does it work?

The first component of the system – measuring equipment – does all the monitoring. It includes the array of sensors, which consists of individual sensor devices that exchange information with each other and transmit the measurement results to the central server on the principle of a cellular network. This infrastructure allows the measuring system to continuously measure the relative humidity, grain temperature, CO2 concentration and other specific substances released during grain spoilage and the appearance of mold or pests.

All the data collected would be worthless and useless without the second component of the system. The software analyses the collected data and provides user-understandable information. When a measuring device detects a deviation, the user is provided with information about the specific deviation and the location of the recording device in the storage. What is more, the user can view detailed information about the operation of the sensors, the history of measurement results and see the conclusions of the analysis.

Why is this needed?

In Lithuania, about 10% of grain harvest is lost every year during the storage. This number hides thousands of tons of grain that never reaches the consumer and considerable losses suffered by grain growers. With our innovative grain and feed quality control system, this situation can be changed. Just let us do that.

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