Both inside and out, our bodies harbour a huge array of microorganisms. While bacteria are the biggest players, we also host viruses and other microbes – including viruses that attack bacteria. But wait a minute. Aren’t microbes supposed to be dangerous? Despite what you might think, they aren't. Our microbes play a number of key roles, including programming our immune system, providing nutrients for our cells, and preventing harmful bacteria and viruses from colonizing our bodies. And if we have microorganisms helping our body, the same situation is happening with wheat. In soils and plants, microbial communities play a crucial role in preventing plant diseases as microorganisms protect crops from pathogens or fouling organisms.

How does it work?

A decision support system (DSS) is a digital integrative multi-factorial tool for wheat growing. Soil and wheat data collected and analysed and data from validation studies will be integrated into a DSS, available through a digital application.

To develop a support system initially data will be normalized and catalogues of sample datasets will be adapted and integrated into a structured database for the DSS. It will be a multi-factorial tool that combines the large analytical database of the wheat plant and soil characteristics, soil and plant microbiomes database, and other external information sources like a real-time forecast. Then, the required algorithms will be created based on unique artificial intelligence analysis architecture and analytical algorithms. Finally, there will be a fine-tuning step, after which, the DSS will be able to provide users with insights and recommendations on agricultural practices.

Why is this needed?

It will help farmers make informed and responsible agricultural choices towards environmental practices, contributing to food and nutrition security while maintaining the wheat crop yield and being useful for regional, national, and European policymakers for further recommendations.

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